Update History

Installation over previous versions

With the release 149 we are preparing for the updates to our next major version 10. Some changes are made to the installers so the install path will be compatible with the future releases. Most of your settings should remain intact after the update. The previous version should be uninstalled before installing versions 149 or newer. Always keep a backup of your initial installation before upgrading.

Windows 10

All our applications (Designer & Showroom) are compatible with Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bits. Remember to install Office 32 bits if you want to send emails directly from Designer or Showroom 9.5. 64 bits version will be available with the release Designer and Showroom 10.

Firebird update

A new update of the Firebird database is now available. Firebird 2.5.8 was released on January 5, 2018. We recommend all of our users to update their installation with the latest version.

Firebird 2.5.8 is available in 32 and 64 bits for both Windows and Mac OSX. Make sure you install the version that will fit the best for your configuration. The 64 bits version should be installed on any 64 bits operating system.


The list of fixes and enhancements for both Designer & Showroom

ReleaseIDAppl DescriptionStatus
1531108SMake sure the Vendor & MBL flag are read only when an item is added to a Quote or an OrderFixed
1531106SIn some rare occasions the purchase cost was not calculated correctly for a SBL itemFixed
1531105SFixed issue with MBL flag when creating a new itemFixed
1531104D/SFixed resizing issue with the item screen, the grid may diseappear when going out from full screen (Windows 7+ issue)Fixed
1531103D/SDuplicating an item doesn't copy some purchase informationFixed
1531097SAdding Purchase Sales Tax after the item is invoiced incorrectly update the invoiced selling price!Fixed
153923SItem status is not calculated correctly for MBL items in some casesFixed
1521095SMultiple enhancements and fixes for the item statuses in Showroom. Fixed status not updating when applying a vendor commission payment.Fixed
1521092DAdded the Assistant filter to the AR & WIP reportsNew
1521091SFixed the report footer total for the Quotes by SalesCode reportFixed
1521089SAdded Quick Quote # to the cash receipt screen. You may have to add the field manually in from the field chooser.New
1521087SAdded Entered By to filter and results for Quotes reportsNew
1521084SAdd CFA Expiration date to itemsNew
1521083D/SAdded mfg invoice date filter to Orders by Vendor reportNew
1521082SAdded additionnal fields to the commission receipt reportsNew
1521069D/SAccount list not in the correct order in the report pick listsFixed
1511061D/SThe installer are now digitally signed with the Exeat Technologies certificateNew
1511058D/SNew Inventory Open Orders ReportNew
1511057D/SResizing the main screen will not resize the client item grid.Fixed
1511053D/SAdd a 2 year option in the posted check list filterNew
1511049DAfter duplicating an item the client is read only unless you close and reopen the itemFixed
1511040D/SBANKING | VIEW \ POSTED CHECKS shows extra entries when multiple lines on office checksFixed
1511036D/SUpdated the help file format so there is no error when opening the help fileFixed
1511034D/SClient Deposit report: remove clients with zero balanceNew
1511031D/SReconciliation GL balance amount will be wrong when we select a closed yearFixed
1511030STop Client list: The filter for Top X clients doesn't workFixed
1511029DOVERRIDE CLIENT Markup & SALES CODE Client Markup with a new Vendor MarkupNew
1511028DCreate STATUS value in client item listNew
1511021D/SDuplicate item doesn't copy the picture on the new itemFixed
1511020D/SMake the picture path selectable in the picture screen so we can copy the picture pathFixed
1511014D/SAdd SALES CODE to field chooser in client item listNew
1511013DItem terms overide PO termsNew
1511011DDefault an item description with a right click on item desc area.New
1511008D/SThe client is incorrect in the WIP report when an item has been moved to another clientFixed
151986D/SWhen we modify an item from an inventory order in the inventory history screen that screen is not refreshedFixed
151826D/SAdd a warning for duplicate office payable invoice numbersNew
151504DSales Code overide for client deposit percentageNew
151161D/SAdd a warning at login if the new year has not been openedNew
1501010SSales Order Analysis Reports: The vendor filter is broken for Inventory SalesFixed
150998SFor MBL items, the sales tax should be copied to the cost sideFixed
150997D/SChecks: When entering an amount for an item for payment we have an access violation when we move with the arrow keysFixed
150994D/SProblems with unreceiving inventory piecesFixed
150984SChange Address ID: The vendor terms will be lost for Showroom VendorsFixed
150983DWe should still be able to void a Designer PO if the item has been invoiced and has a zero sum VM payments appliedFixed
150973D/SWhen creating a new item the product number lookup is case sensitiveFixed
150904SAdd quantity on hand in the inventory item picker (QQ)Fixed
149900DAdded 3 new columns to the client item list. Taxable, Tax Auth and Tax %New
149921SOrders by Vendor with Selling Cost: Add the ability to select multiple vendors and territoryNew
149932STop CLient List updates: Add vendor break downNew
149933SNew report: Orders by Employee and Vendors Summary and detailsNew
149935SOrder by client: make each item one line onlyFixed
149940SMerchandise Loan by Vendor: Add client & Salesperson columns to all reportsNew
149951D/SAdded a new section for Client Deposits in the GLVerifyNew
149952SMerch Loan Report: Add vendor to report filter (srMerchLoan.rlf)New
149953SNew report: Merchandise Loan HistoryNew
149954SAdded the full product description to the Quotes.rlf reportsNew
149957DProposal F9 Key not showing same deposit balance amount in upper right as in Payment screen from Banking.Fixed
149961SAdd Freight to QuickQuote summary (totals): changed Tax to Freight, Tax, OtherNew
D/SMultiple improvements to the retainers in the banking module.
New Retainers Summary report.
Prevent payments from retainer account to items not invoiced.
147616D/SWe now have a 1099 check box in the contact srceen for all vendors to print the 1099 reportsNew
147674D/SCatalog Import/Export: Add unit typeNew
147675SAdd Resale # and Date to the contact screen listNew
147698D/SAll Vendors & Payables\Orders reports are showing entered date instead of the PO dateFixed
147711SCommission payment screen: When opening an order after opening one item it may be missing items on the orderFixed
147718SIn some rare cases we can remove an item from an order even if that item is invoiced or it has a ship date.Fixed
148745D/SSearch documents in the Today screen doesn't display time billing invoicesFixed
147766DDesigner Freight Terms not calculating on vendor deposit checkFixed
147770D/SCan't add an item to an inventory order once one of them has been receivedFixed
148833D/SADD MS OUTLOOK Signature to emails sent programs this optin can be disabled in the workstation settings screenNew
147836SAdd Client PO# to the Quote list fieldsNew
147849SProblems with selling discounts in GL VerifyFixed
147854SMBL flag is visible on inventory items (in client item list)Fixed
147862D/SStart & End time calendar editing problems for billable time invoicesFixed
147864SVendor deposit amount is not calculated correctly in some casesFixed
147872D/SIn the catalog export make the Excel Col and row Headers visible (ABC/123)Fixed
147875SCommission payment: erase the percent field when entering a commission amountFixed
147876D/SThe database upgrade procedure will now reindex the Firebird DatabasesNew
147879D/SThe beginning balances created when closing the year should not appear in the reconciliationFixed
147882SFixed the label for Mfg. Ack. # in the order list screenFixed
147886D/SReconciliation screen: pressing the ESCAPE key cancels your changes without a prompt !Fixed
147888D/SReconciliation: Printing the reconciliation report for a previous month doesn't show up the correct informationFixed
147889D/SReconciliation: You can reconcile/unreconcile items when the reconciliation was already marked as completedFixed
147890D/SReconciliation: You can reconclie/unreconcile items when the reconciliation was already marked as completedFixed
147893D/SAdded a payment button in the client item list.New
148895D/SWhen we try to post a check in a closed year (ex 2013 while in 2015) all checks posted after that will fail with an invalid dateFixed
148897SMarkup amount not calculated when duplicating an item and moving the item to a new clientFixed
148899D/SAdd "Include Zero Balance" check box on new retainer report like the old first retainer report, put default offNew
146850D/SShow Proposal/Quote number being paid in the JOURCR when view journal in accounting moduleNew
146851D/SView reconciliation date option in view journals now populating in JOURCR journalFixed
146852D/SPosted Check List: Payments made for multiple PO on the same check will now be split, not showing the full check amount on one lineFixed
145673DUse the client specific CASH account when printing checks, not the default checking accountNew
145831DCan't remove the purchase and selling columns in the Designer Item List formFixed
145834SUnable to remove an item from a Quote (RESERVE_DATE Field Problem)Fixed
145838DAdd PO terms with vendor on projectworksheet rlfNew
145839DAdd PO MFG ACK # to projectworksheet rlfNew
145840DAdded a comany option to select if duplicating an item will increment the item number in the same roomNew
145846DAdd project filter to the client statement for DesignerNew
145848D/SWe were able to remove invoiced items from orders is some specific casesFixed
144655D/SWe can now invoice taxable and non-taxable items in Time BillingNew
144686SAdded Sidemark to item lists, QuickQuote, Quote, Orders and InvoicesNew
144809SCommission statement improvementsFixed
144813SThe Vendor combo box is not always read only after we add a line item to the quoteFixed
144820SAdd a warning when we uncheck the MBL line option on an order if the MFG is MBLFixed
144824D/SNew inventory performance reportNew
143797DAdd Design Assistant to client contact and Project Management reportsNew
143792D/SEnhanced security of the Banking module, viewing checks and other itemsFixed
143597D/SVoiding a check will only void in one account even if the check # is used in multiple accountsFixed
143784D/SPrior next button on office check not changing vendor id on re-ocurring checksFixed
143772D/SInvalid Floating Point operation on Project Analysis reportFixed
143771D/SInclude zero balance box on RETAINER report not working. Client drop down fixed.Fixed
143764D/SAdd 7 day view to appointmentsNew
142392DAdding an item to an order is validating the ship to but the error message is not specifying that validationFixed
142697DBudget analysis by room is not sorting by item and componentFixed
142700D/SAP Summary report doesn't populate the CLIENT fieldFixed
142702D/SChecks details shows up more items than what is really on the checkFixed
142707D/SAP Summary report not showing voided orders if the report is not using today's dateFixed
142721D/SAP By Vendor doesn't show results after running for a specific vendor and running again without vendorFixed
142723D/SCreate a new Billing item: Field not found if the default billing rate is using GROUPFixed
142731SSample Trak Aging reports are not working on Firebird databasesFixed
142733DROOM ID is not 6 charactersNew
142738SAdd Territory to the filter of the Orders by Vendor with Selling Cost reportNew
142740SItem due date doesn't update when updating the field in the Expediting tab (after setting the invoice date)New
142741D/SNo field is selected by default when opening a time billing itemFixed
142751D/SUnable to remove AP when there is an item and a credit on the same orderFixed
142753D/SNew Cash Receipts by Vendor reportNew
142754SAdd other contacts to the list of vendor for the Checks reportsNew
141677SShipVia doesn't save in the Showroom QuoteFixed
141672SWhen adding an item to a quote the unit from the catalog is overridden by the unit of the sales codeFixed
141670D/SAdd the ability to refresh the inventory list in the main inventory screenNew
141669DHit F9 Key on Proposal to open cash receipts window in DesignerNew
141659D/SAllow "/" to be used in product catalog IDFixed
141658D/SIncrease number of characters on Mfg Ack # on PO Exp tabNew
141657D/SWhen receiving money the bank account doesn't default from the client settingsFixed
141654SShowroom is showing Invoice Mark Up instead of Invoice Discount as the GL posting descriptionFixed
141639SWe can void a mfg bill order if a payment have been receivedFixed
141637SAR commission by vendor: The date is the itemdate instead of the podateFixed
141627SCommission report: Add Client Code 1&2 and Sales Person 2 to the filterNew
141626D/SChart of account report should be under lists not under financialsFixed
141625D/SReports: 1099 When you check federalID the report crashesFixed
141623D/SAdd the ability to add the ship date to the order list screenNew
141622SMultiple enhancements to the commission payment screenNew
140640SNew Sample Trak statistics reportNew
139608SShowroom Ack: If we move an item to another order the payment will not follow in the printed AckFixed
139602D/S Add the ability to export reports as RTFNew
139601D/SMake the check list screen to display checks as positive and voids as negativesFixed
139599SWhen adding items to a QQ the vendor field is selected by default instead of the inventory ID fieldFixed
139598DAdd default "ship to vendor" to a trade vendor: If a ship to vendor is defined for the vendor, the ship to will default when creating an item with this vendorNew
139592DProblem with the path to the report folder when using IP address instead of the server nameFixed
139570D/SAdd Check # to the order vendor payment listNew
139564D/SNew screen to display the detail of a posted check. Double clich on a check in the check list screen to display the detailsNew
139465D/SThe user has been added in the available fields in the inventory adjustment screenNew
138585S Sample Trak inventory adjust error on FirebirdFixed
138586D/SNew pdf engine for report exports (optionnal at installation)New
137589SShowroom Quote doesn't commit inventory item (Added as an option)Fixed
137549SMake sample trak to work with multiple users on CitrixFixed
137569DAdd ITEM Code 1 and Code 2 to field chooser in VIEW CLIENT ITEMSNew
137581DWhen putting the SHIP TO on the PO as ID CLIENT not printing client info on PO form in ship to blockFixed
13677D/SInventory Summary Report is showing up all purchases with correct vendor and sales under vendor INVENTORYFixed
13684SAdd the vendor NAME to the Commission Payment ReportNew
136165D/SDate on the check printing dialog is not using the system dateFixed
136214D/SApplication freeze when posting a manual check for the first time after an update or new installFixed
136240D/SCreating a new office vendor from the check writting screen does not allow you to then select that vendor and cut them a check.Fixed
136478D/SWhen receiving inventory, the receive date is not following the GL posting dateFixed
136480D/SChange Vendor ID doesn't update the catalog detail recordsFixed
136521SShowroom duplicate item doesn't workFixed
136533DAdd exp notes from PO to field chooser when view po's in items screenFixed
136534D/SAdd credit card type to bank rec module deposit windowNew
136538D/SAdd the ability to print the cash receipt report from the receive screenNew
136540D/SCheck credit of sales tax & rounding of negative numbersFixed
136541SCommission statement issuesFixed
136545DWhen duplicating items the item # is not increasingFixed
136547SScrolling through Showroom trade vendors don't update the terms in the detail formFixed
136548SCrediting an MBL item doesn't calculate the commission (save as $0)Fixed
136551D/SFix the credit item so it will make the quantity negative and the unit price still positiveFixed
136557DWhen we are on an order (Items -> View Orders) and switching to client items we should have that client selectedFixed
136558D/SImpossible to pay only some items to a vendorFixed
136559D/SAP Summary Report is using PONR from the ITEM table instead of the GL tablesFixed
136561DAdd the ability to have Merchandise & Ship to vendors in the Designer vendor picker when we create an itemNew
136563D/SUpdating PO related information only on an item doesn't allow to save (apply button not enabled OK btn does nothing)Fixed
136566D/SPosting checks may freeze the systemFixed
136567D/SInventory list didn't refresh after receivingFixed
135571D/SDuplicate inventory item doesn't work with more than one line of descriptionFixed
135572D/S Fixed lookup & binoculars in item screen for Code 1 & 2Fixed
135537D Designer: Client was not read only in D8 unless payments were receivedFixed
133D New Client Account Summary by Proposal report under Project ManagementNew
133513D/S When creating a sub component inventory item the item vendor doesn't save with the order vendorFixed
133511D/S Inventory: when using the apply button the new inventory item will diseappear after save (Filter problem)Fixed
133507D/S Make sure that the main form position is inside the bounds of the screen when restoring the formFixed
133503D/S It is possible to delete a sales code from an inventory item even if the sales code was read onlyFixed
133502D/S Sales tax are now pulled directly from the sales tax authority and not from the contact information (Sales tax in time billing is now working as expected)Fixed
133497D/S special instruction dialog is overwriting previous textFixed
133496D/S Orders by Vendor with Selling Cost not filtering for salesperson 2Fixed
133490D/S Sales order analysis report: we should be able to run it over 12 a month period (ex: June 2010 to May 2011)Fixed
133460D/S Multiple security enhancements on inventory moduleFixed
133486DCursor skipping the freight field in the item screenFixed
133472S Vendor pick list in Showroom Quote must follow the old style lookup optionFixed
131467D/S Overpayments not posting to client deposit balance correctlyFixed
130455D/S Don't allow to void a reconciled checkFixed
130440D/S Checks by vendor report not picking up VENDORINVOICE when exported to excelFixed
130436D/S Calendar in 15 min increments.Fixed
130431D/S Address view Field Chooser add Cell & Email and at bottom pageNew
130429D/S Negative cash deposit error to the cash account and to client depositFixed
130428D/S Back dating a Purchase Order check is printing the check date on check but hitting JOURCD on current date.Fixed
130425D/S Fill all Amounts on a proposaldeposit request, drops last amount in column in received - applied - balance windowsFixed
130418D/S Add Date Created: and Created by: to additional tab like in 8.3New
130411D/S Can't select items in the check screen on order with multiple itemsFixed
130406S Showroom Ack & Order is not showing payments for Cash accountingFixed
130402D/S Additional Contacts - Add cell & add email and increase Contact & Title from 20 to 40 charactersFixed
130393D/S Changing an appointment time from 30 min to 1 Hr. not refreshing with new time.Fixed
130378D/S Time Billing Preview Invoice is splitting up events into multiple Invoices.Fixed
130372D/S Symbol (Opticon ) barcode scanner will only work on COM Port 1Fixed
130359D/S Multi Select Inventory ITEMs for POFixed
130357D/S "Fill all Amounts" on cashreceipts should only fill deposit amount if items have not been invoiced like in IMPACT 8.Fixed
130336S Commission item: When removing thecommission percent on an item and replacing it with an amount the GL postings are incorrectFixed
130304S Duplicate journal entry when changing commission on an item in ShowroomFixed
130295S Showroom cash receipt reports should display the order instead of the quoteFixed
130287D/S Cash receipt date in Payments & Misc Cash receipt window cuts off the date when date is 10 characters 12/16/2009Fixed
130245D/S We should be able to take a cash receipt from a client with NO ITEMS.Fixed
130128D/S Cash receipt by client report inDesigner not showing the proposal number that receives a deposit only the Invoice.Fixed
125-D/S New appointment report in the Planner view (Tools -> Print Calendar). New
125-D/S Weekly view is now working as expected. You can now create appointments from the weekly view. New
125-S New Sales Variance report (Back from Showroom 9.0).New
125-D/S In the list of Orders we now have the option to display the Received Date. New
125143D/S Inventory Export & Import are out of synch (columns not in the same order) Fixed
125191D/S When theapplication main form is not maximized, keep the position and size of the form Fixed
125224D/S Trial Balance,Income Statement & Balance Sheet reports pulling field "PERIODENDING" with the wrong date on non-calendar fiscal years Fixed
125227S Weshould not be able to cancel an item that is on loan (Remove from QQ or Quote) Fixed
125236D/S Special instructions double up in window if erased and modified Fixed
125241D/S Sorting in Time Billing grid is incorrect for the meeting date Fixed
125249D/S Writing checkswith items older than the filter applied may not show up all items when returning Fixed
125250D/S AP Reports showing wrong vendor for non-primary items Fixed
125251D/S Invoice by invoice # report not filtering by sales code. Fixed
125258S Items Screen should display "Exchange" in the payment tab for mbl items Fixed
125262D/S Creating a contact with an ID of more than 12 chars is breaking the contact screen Fixed
125271D/S Payment:Closing the Deposit/Retainer selection screen with the cancel button is cancelling the payment Fixed
125302D/S Automatically add the report name when saving a report to PDF Fixed
125314D/S Updating the terms on an order will only update the first line item Fixed
125326D/S Creating a new appointment doesn't pick up the selected end time in the planner. Fixed
125327S Quantities can be edited in the order screen even if the item was invoiced! Fixed
125331D When vieworders, and move view to view client items, see client list from that previous order Fixed
125334S ARCommission report is showing the ORDER ship date instead of the ITEM ship date Fixed
125337D/S Contact: When selecting international phone number option the cellular doesn't update Fixed
119 3 S Added Quick Quote column on the Inventory history sales screen Fixed
119 9 D/S Different Time Tax not appearing in Time Billing ITEMS Fixed
11964 D/S Show Session date in status bar Fixed
11990 D/S Added reimbursable expense check box in the time billing items Fixed
119108 D/S Added a duplicate item in time billing Fixed
119D/S Inventory detail report: Speed improvements Fixed
119145 D/S Payment screen: added back the items & time billing in the same screen Fixed
119146 D/S Bank RecMISC payments & charges posting to current JOUR year and not the year in which the rec is taking place Fixed
119157 D/S Payment screen client check info window too dark to read text Fixed
119178 D/S Preview Invoice missing the item detail description Fixed
119179 D Vendor Account number not defaulting to the PO Expediting Tab Fixed
119188 D Fixed
119214 D/S Application freeze when posting a manual check Fixed
119215 D/S Bank Recon opening with no end date for a specific account. Fixed
119221 D/S Purchase Cost Defaults not defaulting Fixed
119233 D/S ClientPayment Screen loses values in "applied" column when opening an item on the grid. Fixed
107Added vendor payments to the order screen.New
107Added find document feature. Easily find any document from the main screen. New
1077D/S Receive year in JOURCD not backdating correctly Fixed
10714D/S Inventory quantities in memory doesn't refresh when we update an item in a QQ or Q Fixed
10721D/S Add Special instructions &Notes to time billing Invoice (and preview...) Fixed
10724D/S Add the project name field to the Order by Vendor report Fixed
10730S Expense account from vendor is not defaulting when creating an office payable in Showroom Fixed
10731D/S Sales code is read only when creating a new order Fixed
10733D/S Add Location & Department fields to the inventory screen Fixed
10743D/S Zeroing out a quantity in inventoryorders seems to mess up the GL for companies with “alternate accounting” settings Fixed
10745D/S Notes are disappearing in time billing invoices & Inventory Orders Fixed
10746D/S Calendar Time Billing items screen is showing duplicates Fixed
10747D/S When closing an invoice the selection in the grid goes to the first line instead of staying where it is... Fixed
10753D/S Penny rounding issue in Inventory orders Fixed
10758S Add Quick Quote # to the inventory history screen Fixed
10760D/S Contacts: Added the ability to export all contacts or only the active Fixed
10761D/S Entering a quantity of zero in an inventory order is posting in the wrong account Fixed
10766D/S When closing the year the retained earnings account is not posted correctly Fixed
10767D/S Add department column in the journals screen Fixed
10768D/S Time billing by... Some filters (like activity) doesn't work Fixed
10771D/S Inventory History: The "received date" column is not populated Fixed
10773D/S Journal detail form: Add the ability to filter on description Fixed
10774D/S AP report won't run in build 101 & report is freezing sometimes Fixed



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